Zhoushan, East China

Zhoushan is a fishing village, about a 4 hour bus ride from Nanpu bridge bus station in Shanghai. Journey is pretty comfortable, but if you are planning a trip, don’t exceed 2 days, as there’s not a ton to do, and zero night life. The one thing that we totally indulged in was to drink the local wine (baijiu) made from some sort of berries, and eat a LOT of sea food. You would be struck in awe with the variety of fish, shellfish, molluscs of all sizes, octopus, squids, and much much more. The port is very busy, crowded with junks, boats, ships of all sizes. The water (when we went there in April) was muddy brown, though photos from the web suggest that the water may be blue in other seasons (non rainy).


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  1. jyoti says:

    very interesting reading,very well written too.keep writing!

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