Fangbang Lu – Street Food Haven in Shanghai

This is the hidden street very very close to Yuyuan, on Fangbang Middle Road on Shanghai Old Street. Getting here is not a big problem, but there are a couple of other food streets on the way here, which might make you think that you passed the real fangbang lu by. This place is crowded as hell, with lines of street food for you to choose from, anything from giant sized crawfish/lobser looking things from the sea, to wonton soup made in front of you, to the non soupy variety of dumplings to LOTS of food on sticks – standard fare. Be careful of the guys upfront when you enter the street from the end of the huge gateway – they will try to charge way way more than actual price (RMB 20 for 4 sticks of tiny fried squids). Tourists do frequent this place. Must see place if you are in Shanghai.


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