Zeal on the Bund – unpleasant service

Went clubbing to one of the nicer places on the bund last weekend, ZEAL. This place is hugely popular, has a great view, and all my earlier visits have been fun. But last weekend changed it all, and makes you realise just how important good service really is. I had the bad luck of interacting with possibly the rudest bartender in Shanghai. Details involve me asking for regular water, and that leading me down a whole path of being mistreated, having to deal with sarcasm of that guy, and a whole lot of pain. We left that evening in a huff of course, but I would not want to go back ever, and see that bartender’s smug face. If you do go, look out for the guy with a ponytail, hopefully he’ll be the only one with a ponytail + shaved head. The manager did promise action, and offered a bottle of champagne for me and and my friends, but I was too disgusted to stay. But the evening turned out fine, saved by the sophisticated Bar Rouge on the bund, and their extraordinarily friendly staff. Not only do they NOT insult you for asking for water, but even replace the drink that you spilled with another one, no questions asked. Not surprised it was so crowded, with the best in town, partying it up. What a contrast! My reviews are in Cityweekend http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/shanghai/listings/nightlife/nightclub/has/zeal/ and in Timeout Shanghai http://www.timeoutshanghai.com/venue/Bars__Clubs-Clubs/1657/Zeal-.html


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