The Great Wall! Finally….

Well, so the legend of the Beijing smog is true. I am sure I went at the wrong time – cloudy weather, combined with a ton of smog – but I get the feeling that I would not want to live in Beijing. It got me quite depressed in a day! However, the main reason for which I went to Beijing was The Great Wall. We wanted to go to the wall via Mutianyu pass, but the weather meant there was no scope of trying out the cable car so the guide took us to some section that could be any of the following, not sure – Juyongguan, Jiankou, Jiayuguan – which has these VERY steep steps, which I couldn’t dare to climb. I started, but felt dizzy enough to come down right away! But there were lots of people, old and young, climbing up and down confidently. I even saw one woman with high heels doing this! The fog/ smog didn’t really let any view to appear of the wall, which means that I will have to go back for better photos and a better experience.


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