Bounty Rhumerie in Shanghai

Bounty Rhumerie in Shanghai

This is a (you guessed it) a rhum (not rum) bar. They have three bars in Shanghai (Yongfu Lu, Wuding Lu and at Sinan Mansions). The bar has been designed as a pirate ship and is quite nicely done! They distill their own rhums, and have all kinds of flavours that you can imagine, from banana to strawberry, to mango – the list goes on. You can also get some interesting beers here. The bartenders are always super friendly. The bar owner Kevin and the bar manager Maud are both very nice, friendly people, who instantly make you feel at home, and make you wanna come back for more of their rhum concoctions! I love the decor and like this place because it has a great vibe. Their in-house rhums (which are yummy) come in these cute little jars (which are on the shelves all over!) at RMB 115 or so, and totally worth it. You can also take them home at RMB 20 deposit per jar. Also, not to forget – happy hours from 6-9 pm folks! Their website and some reviews here –


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