Tantou Island – Zhejiang Province, China

So last weekend we decided to tag along with a group called Dragon Adventures (very fun and hip bunch of people) to this island way south of Shanghai called Tantou. It is about 5 hours away by bus, in Ningbo District. So my take is that it is a regular beach getaway, nothing special. It is the company you are with that makes the difference. It is a good spot for a one-time visit. The waters are not absolutely blue, but not muddy brown either. We went in the heat of july, when the beach was burning up but the water was literally ice cold. Weekends mean this beach is CROWDED. It was packed with tents, and it seemed like the whole country had descended to camp out on this beach. The sunrise apparently is stunning (at 5 am) which seems to be the main attraction. If you do plan a trip, please be warned that the toilet situation is worse than your worst nightmare, and will make you want to leave on the first boat out. But all in all it was a fun trip, and once was enough.


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