FINALLY after years and years of contemplating (& resistance to spending the moolah on something as trivial as hair color as opposed to food & beverage …..) i got red streaks. My teenage dream is now fulfilled. And I got to do it in Shanghai. The one unisex hair salon in Jing’An – where I can place total trust in the experts called MERT – is the one responsible. I got this done in under 400RMB (V V special discount as this is the only place I have been to in over 3 times in 4 months) – the works, bleaching, multiple hair washes, coloring (clearly I am a novice in the world of hair coloring). So I never really got around to doing this back in India because 1) I was broke all the time, 2) I spent all my money on going out with friends, partying, etc. 3) being broke. I am happy today, hence the blog entry regarding red streaks in my Indian black hair. Mind you, this is a result of long, almost corporate, meetings/ discussions lasting about 35 minutes with the salon owner and the hair GURU. I took the plunge and now will focus on collecting money to get the re-touching done. I have entered the vicious circle (if I continue to care about this red-streaked status & not languish into some dirty yellowish coloring after a month!). But Shanghai readers, know this – you’ll always leave MERT looking (and feeling) like a star. They know how to take care of their customers.

My review on MERT on CityWeekend ( The salon’s website FYI:


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