Captain Bar, Shanghai

This is going to become my favourite rooftop bar I think. The location is hidden on the bund, and this is the terrace of Captain Hostel (which also seems pretty nice by hostel standards). On the 6th floor (the lift goes up till floor 5), entering this place it would make you think it is a dark dingy little bar, but then you come to the glass doors to the terrace, and walk out to meet a terrific view of the bund, and part of the Shanghai skyline. Menu contains appetisers (we had the chicken wings – quite ok), usual drinks (gin & tonic @ RMB 50, rum & coke @ RMB 45), pizzas (the pepperoni is quite decent), and friendly staff. If you are a smoker, you can buy a pack for RMB 25. The one drawback, and a major one for me personally, was that this bar does not serve regular water. So if you ask for a glass of water, they will provide you with Evian @ RMB 35 and Perrier @ RMB 40. Now who would expect that kind of pricing for water at a hostel bar? I don’t know, but that’s not a deal breaker. So best to carry your own water (if you are a stickler for the old “drink one glass of water for each glass of cocktail”). There’s an ICBC ATM and a Family Mart right next to this hostel, which makes life convenient. I’m going back next weekend. Address: 37 Fuzhou Lu, near Sichuan Zhong Lu. Shanghai Daily Secret is where i first read about this place:


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