Gongqing Forest Park – a barbeque spot in Shanghai

Shanghai has beautiful parks, but this one is HUGE. It is a forest park in NE part of the city (line 8 and then cab), and covers a vast area, with lots of activities bundled in like kite flying, football, roller coaster, gliding, etc. It is also a very popular spot for barbecuing – a great springtime hobby for most. The park is scenic, spotless, crowded at places, and a must visit! If you plan to barbecue, there is a spot reserved for just that within the park. However, beware of the crowds (we clearly went on a day when the entire city seemed to have descended there for a grilled meal). You can carry your own charcoal and grill if you want, but those are available on hire as well. You need to carry your own meats, beers, sauces and skewers. There are cemented tent-like barbeque pits, there are smaller ones as well. Depending on the pit size you can rent one out at 50, 70 or 120 RMB for 2 hours. We enjoyed our barbecue but couldn’t help noticing the massive spread of garbage that was left by our neighbours (shocking even by Indian standards), that was being cleaned up by a sweeper. We also tried out the glider that goes over the river…looks like fun but isn’t really a wild ride.


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