De Refter, Shanghai – Empty place, average ambience

A Belgian beer bar was enough to make us want to go to this bar on Jinxian Lu after work – a quick 5-min ride from my office in People’s Square on my scooter. One can almost miss the entrance of this bar. We walked in at 6:15 pm to find the place empty. However, not to be deterred by that, we got two Chimay stouts and settled down at the bar. The decor is absolutely lovely, with one of the walls lined with books and freezer + bar stocked with all sorts of Belgian beers, which apparently are not available anywhere else in Shanghai. It is a neat little place, with a lot of potential. Even by 7 pm there were not more than 3-4 customers really. The food is forgettable. Our french fries were large long chunks of potatoes that got soggy as they cooled down. The waffles we ordered weren’t cooked through, and we had to send it back. Never got another plate of waffles and upon asking, were told the machine wasn’t working. Well, with some more attention to the less-than-handful customers, this place can do better. The good thing was that I got to have Mango Beer (yes I liked it and I know what you’re thinking). I wanted to have a go at the Cherry flavoured beer on tap too, but it was just too boring sitting around listening to strange covers of mixed genre of songs. They have a ‘400 gms of Mussels with free flow beer’ on Tuesdays at 138 RMB – not that awesome really because the best ‘all you can eat’ mussels is served up every Mon at KAKADU at 99RMB. Happy hours on till 8:05 pm (weekdays I think). Their website is


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Arjun says:

    cant wait to get there.. cute blog

    1. anusuyamitra says:

      thanks arjun! you would love shanghai.

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