Sinkiang Black Beer and stewed beef

I have written about my favourite Xinjiang restaurant before, but had to share a second post. It has become one of my regular haunts for dinner. Be sure to go there after reaching a certain level of starvation. Every bit of the food here is delicious! The Uyghur flavours cannot be matched. Yesterday we went back to this place to be greeted by their new waitor – very friendly young Turkic fellow who prefers to converse in English. He told us he was a fan of Sharukh Khan and wondered if we were Pakistanis or Hindustanis. With an easy smile & a happy face, he totally won me over! Even joked about our “1000 RMB” bill with a laugh that’s infectious! Enough about him (sigh). We had the cumin mutton (dry dish – best beer accompaniment), and a stewed lamb dish which came with lovely spices on top of a thick naan bread, with a lamb fried rice (passable). This meal was enjoyed with Sinkiang Black Beer (the regular one is not that awesome), with Loulan Hops, whatever that is. It has lovely heavy dark flavours that complement the spiced mutton. If you want to have a meal here, make sure to look at the image labeled ‘Order This’. You won’t regret a single bite (drool).


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