Mokkos Bar on Wuding Lu

Mokkos Bar on Wuding Lu

I was not sure what Shochu was till I got around to researching for interesting bars in town, and saw this one, right next door to my house! Hidden away in a desolate lane, with a tiny wooden door for an entrance. One would never guess that it is a bumping little bar, full to its limit inside. Opens at 7pm and on till late. They have a gazillion Shochu bottles on display at the bar, and have their own concoctions as well – grapefruit, vinegar, kee lime, orange and papaya (from what I remember). This wheat alcohol can be potent depending on the flavour and also quite yummy. I fell in love with the Coffee Shochu – bloody strong, with a lovely coffee aroma. They have one small bar area, one room with a few tables and chairs, and another room with the typical Japanese style seating (where your legs are underground). Great vibe! Room 103, 1245 Wuding Xi Lu.


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