The most annoying Xiaolongbao restaurant – Fu Chun on Yuyuan Lu

Bad/ unresponsive/ slow service, not the cleanest, too crowded for local enthusiasm – this dumpling joint on Yuyuan Lu provides you with anything but a great local dumpling experience. Also, it serves xiaolongbaos that have too thick a skin, and very pasty to eat.  Also, not piping hot, so a very dull deal. Having said that, what I don’t understand is why CNN has called this place one of the best xiaolongbao restaurants in town. At Fu Chun, waiting around on the ground floor, hovering over other folks and willing them to eat quickly is really not a happy scene. Sitting upstairs may seem like a good idea, till you place your order. It is annoying having to explain basics like “want pork dumpling”, “don’t want prawn dumpling”, and asking for chilli sauce (which we never got and gave up). Also, smoking is allowed upstairs, and a request for change of table (when said table is empty and available) goes unheeded. Quite a forgettable experience really.


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