A beautiful water town near Shanghai – Wuzhen

Perfect for a weekend away from the city, Wuzhen turned out to be better than what I had in mind, from the endless articles on the web. This town is very very old, and has been maintained well to look ancient, purely to exist as a tourist attraction – a very good one at that. I have been to Qibao (Shanghai suburbs) but wasn’t blown away. Also it was tiny. Wuzhen, on the other hand, is very pretty. Even prettier at night, and is quite spread out – perfect for a long walk. The quiet water flows smoothly, boats going by, picturesque scenery, cute bridges connecting the two banks, lots of wood – wooden houses, shops, restaurants, pubs. If you are here and looking for a nice place for a drink by the water, drop into Ripples (they play 80’s rock). Wuzhen is divided into East and West. Our cab driver told us that East is good for a day walk, and West is good at night, and he was right. Also, more restaurants on the West side. This is a hot spot for photographers and you’ll see many walking about with full size tripods.

Getting there is also surprisingly quick. A high speed train journey of 45 minutes from Hongqiao railway station to Tonxiang city, and another 40 minute cab drive gets you to Wuzhen. Train tickets, first class, are around 80 RMB. Wuzhen, being a tourist driven town, is expensive.


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