Eating at Art Salon restaurant in Shanghai – different!


Eating at Art Salon restaurant in Shanghai - different!

Well, it is a concept which may sound familiar (restaurant and an art gallery) but it is nothing you might expect to see. We decided to have dinner here, and booked a table, basically to see what the fuss was about this particular restaurant (from all the posts on the internet).

Tricky location given its street no. so ignore common sense and stick to the actual cross street mentioned in the address (it’s not a mistake). But once you’re here, you won’t miss the bright blue door and a colourful collage of glass windows on the door. Upon entering, I was instantly amazed. The place is small, very private, with notes stuck everywhere requesting patrons to keep it down, and not take photos of the art work, which covers the walls, from ceiling to floor, all around. It has a warm ambience, and the paintings are all quirky, contemporary and lovely. We got the table by the french window (with the HIGH-backed chairs). This place may seem a bit run-down, but I guess that’s the look they want to maintain. Seems to have a cult following and was full at dinner time. Food and service – great! Try their recommended dishes with a red star on the menu as well as their rice wine. It is one of the best rice wines I’ve had in China, served in a tea pot. A lovely meal – perfect for a romantic date (with your ph hopefully switched off). Read more here.

Address: 164 Nanchang Lu, near Sinan Lu


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