Long time no blog

I won’t call it a writer’s block (hee hee) but yes, things have been mad at my end. Busy in office and busy in life – lots has to be covered. I would blame the winters for my lack of interest in huddling next to my comp as the heater took precedence. In a snapshot, my collection of potential blog pics has been piling up (thank you Google+ for ALL those automatic back-ups). In a snapshot, I’ve had more great meals in Shanghai (this awesome Xinjiang restaurant called Yershari or some such needs to be written about + another Japanese one); cycled to the Eco Village (not worth a write up as it’s all deserted, with maybe, like, ONE store and a couple of cafes – mostly a new building); cycled to Longhua Temple (probably the best one in the city – more on it in a future post); almost went on a juice cleanse @ RMB 712 for 3 days (Farmhouse Juice, Shanghai), but backed out because my friend has volunteered to fig out a cheaper and healthier way; Old Navy opened their first store in Shanghai and I checked it out – LOVE it; made new friends; JOINED A GYM; etc etc…. more on this soon with photos, to help whoever’s in Shanghai and reading. 🙂 


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