Drunk Uncle – Shanghai beer bar

Drunk Uncle
Drunk Uncle

Who doesn’t love beer?! More importantly who doesn’t love a beer after work? Shanghai is a haven for beer lovers, with many top quality small and big beer places (bars, cafes, breweries, etc). I heard of Drunk Uncle from some friends, and set off. My first reaction upon entering this bar was – “WOW”. Walls lined with unending bottles of all kinds of beers, the bar and kitchen centrally located, the chalk-written menus all around on walls (there are no paper menus) and a very friendly, lively staff. I fell in love with the simple, clean decor of the place, very tastefully done up. Their collection includes beers from Holland, Belgium, Germany and more. I had my first La Trappe (Quaruple), 10% (!), paired with a plate of Ox Tongue, and loved it! Definitely going back for the next round of mid-week or Friday drinks with work peeps!

LA TRAPPE Quadruple 10%
LA TRAPPE Quadruple 10%



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