Korea Town – a let down

The unending queues in Korea Town
The unending queues in Korea Town

I read about Korea Town, and got curious about this far out place somewhere in the suburbs of Shanghai. From the looks of it, this seemed to be an interesting Korean settlement in a special part of Shanghai that would dazzle me (I’ve never been to Korea). Got there on a Sunday, about an RMB 40 cab ride from Jing’An Temple. First thing I saw was scores and scores of queues. VERY long unending queues of patient humans, chattering away or on their phones. That was the first warning sign that I wont get any food. So decided to check out the barely occupied bars, drank some beers, ate some boring steamed molluscs in one of the empty bars.
Bars in Korea Town
Bars in Korea Town

Wandered around, went into the main mall to check out Korean shopping ways, nothing mind bending. Bought some cheap kimchi (or imitation of kimchi).
Mall at Korea Town
Mall at Korea Town

Wandered some more, but the human queues refused to reduce in length (kudos to the people there for the ability to wait patiently forever). My dreams of a hearty Korean bbq dinner were dashed to the ground, so we settled for a not-too-exciting Korean meal at one of the restaurants at the start point of Korea Town. Not going back there.


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