In public interest.


If you are a foreigner residing anywhere in People’s Republic of China, then you should know this. If ever, like me, you have the urge to make an impulsive trip to Taiwan (a place that’s on my bucket list), then unlike me, please hold your horses (or cycles or electric scooters or skates) and take a step back. Depending on your nationality (UK and US nationals have the world at their feet) and the kind of Visa your passport boasts (again, UK, US, Schengen visas are the shiz), you can either proceed or not. So since I’ve never been outside of Asia, I didn’t have any of these golden visas and assumed I would need a visa to Taiwan the regular way. But without exploring that thought a wee bit more, I jumped at the low Ctrip air fares and’s cheap hotel options, and in a heartbeat, was on my way to the famous night markets of Taiwan (well, the last bit only in my brain). When I started looking up stuff about getting a visa, I was surprised at the lack of reliable info. My Taiwanese landlady (may the universe bless her soul) helped out, and confirmed what I was reading in forums. I had to exit China, to HK or Macao, apply and get a visa, and then think about actual Taiwan visit because that’s not a possible thing one can do sitting inside the country. Shanghai is no exception. Obviously, making a separate travel plan just for a visa seemed ridiculous so I’ll stick it out in Shanghai. I lost around RMB 650 on canceling the hotel + flights. Lesson learnt. The Indian passport without a UK/US/EU visa is quite useless. Esp if you reside in China and want to go to Taiwan.


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