Rich Dark Chocolate Rum Truffles & not finding heavy cream in Shanghai


Chocolate Rum Truffles
Chocolate Rum Truffles

Finding heavy cream in Shanghai may be impossible. I spent 2 days looking in all the most likely places – Gourmet, Pines, City Shop, M&S, Avocado Lady, online, couple of fancy food stores but no luck. All these places stock Nestle’s Whipping Cream, not cream or heavy cream which is key to a great thick gooey ganache. So this threw me off, as I’ve never made ganache before. But I decided to go with whipping cream. The only thing that is left to your judgement is the freezing/ chilling time to reach the correct consistency to be able to work the ganache into balls. My inspiration was a blog (Aapplemint) by a talented friend. I replaced the mint essence (good luck with finding that!) with good old rum (Old Monk). For chilling the ganache (made by heating, melting and mixing 1 part cream and 2 parts chocolate and a bit of rum) I refrigerated it for 35 mins followed by 10 mins in the freezer. Worked on the semi-hard ganache and made (intentionally) rough ball-like shapes, dusted with cocoa. A lovely way to conclude a lamb curry dinner party. These were delicious, rich, super strong doses of dark dark chocolate, with a hint of rum. Yummy! Guests loved it and I was happy! Now only if I can hunt down that heavy cream….


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