Le Vin serves Lambrussco!


Le Vin is a really nice, cosy little spot for a glass of cold, refreshing Lambrussco on a humid summer day. Or you could grab a hearty meal as they serve good food. Their espresso is delicious. And what delightful service! They are quick to serve you a glass of room temperature water, something that I don’t see much around in Shanghai (I remember having had fights over free water many a time in the past) 🙂

IMG_20140719_204356 IMG_20140719_201210

We had their Beef Tongue and the Octopus Salad – the latter was GREAT! Yummy, I could eat more of this… not had a proper Octopus Salad anywhere else… and I don’t even come across Lambrussco anywhere else. This is on my list of regular wine places to go to on weekdays and weekends.

IMG_20140706_181449 IMG_20140706_180846

Address: 936 Changle Lu, Near Maoming Nan Lu


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