Ghost month? Are you serious??!

Yeah so I’m scared of ghosts. Laugh all you want but you won’t ever catch me watching Emily Rose alone. Though, I like watching scary movies with a bunch of people and freaking out (with the said bunch of people). But Not.Ever.Alone.

The other day, riding around picking up groceries, we saw folks burning paper by the pavement several times on the streets. I was reminded of the Indian festival of Lodi, where we have bonfires, and eat a ton of popcorn, dry fruits etc. in winter. So I dismissed it.

Today the internet tells me that August is ‘Ghost Month’ in Chinese culture, where some unworldly gates open up to let hungry ghosts into the world. Apparently folks keep food outside their homes to feed these starving spirits and burn fake money… ah well. I am trying to be logical about this, but maybe I’ll sleep with the bathroom lights on. Just to be doubly safe, I will buy spare bulbs too! The last time I left the light on, it blew a fuse in the middle of the night, thereby ruining my week.


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