Well, Hello Miss Dong!


Found this tiny gem of a place yesterday, whilst starving and scootering around on 178 Yongkang Lu. We did for a moment think this is a hair salon.

This little eatery serves up DELICIOUS Singaporean food. The menu is tight, specific and cute! HMD is run by a lovely couple and has been in business since Dec 2014. Fred, the friendly host and co-owner is also known as The Shanghai Kid (food critic, writer and designer). This place has an upstairs section as well, and is incredibly clean. If you want a beer or wine with your meal, Gilligan’s is right next door!

IMG_20150317_195704 IMG_20150317_193250

The prices at HMD are super! We ordered the trademark Singapore chicken curry and Mama’s braised pork, both with rice – total came to RMB 110 for two. The chicken and the pork melted in my mouth like butter. Drinks were at RMB 55 (a wine and a beer) from Gilligan’s. I will go back very very soon. The meal was hearty, delicious, and peaceful. Strong recommendation to all foodies – this! 


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  1. skd says:

    Hi! I am a fellow food blogger. I like your blog. I need a review on Korean fried chicken especially Four fingers. What do you think of it. Please let me know if you have tried it.

    1. ANU says:

      Thanks for your nice words! Actually I’ve never tried this but if I do, I’ll be sure to update you! 🙂

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