Secret spot on Wuyuan Lu


Walking around in and around French Concession always turns out to be a great experience. I always end up finding tiny cute hidden stores and restaurants.

This time around walking along Wuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu, opposite Senator Saloon, saw this interesting little shop and and went in. Its called Lazy Park and is a combination of a funky souvenir/ boutique/ kitschy store as well as a cafe. You are led into the tiny room that’s the cafe section through a backdoor in this shop. Literally feels like you are entering someone’s dining room.


Warm, and cosily done up, I saw a wall stocked up with wines, a lovely blue corner sofa lit up with a lamp – prefect reading spot, a cute little table for two, and a dining table for 4-5 in the center of the room. Very private. There’s a turtle tank too.



They serve coffee, wines, teas and homemade simple Chinese dishes ( menu for food is in Chinese). We had their brewed coffee which was GREAT! Going back soon for a private meal because the food looked delicious!!



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  1. Hi! I really like your blog! Did you actually go back here to try the food? I love Wuyuan Lu, and I’ve also wandered into this shop/restaurant, it definitely is cozy and quite intriguing! Isabel

    1. ANU says:

      thank you!! yes i love this street – so good for an afternoon walk! 🙂
      need to go back to this place.

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