Jiuzhaigou – stunning!

Jiuzhaigou (9 villages or something like that) is in the Sichuan Province. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for good reason.  About a 3 hour flight from Shanghai, this is situated on the highest tableland in the world. The airport itself will make you realize that you are way way above sea-level so be calm and collected, when you step out of the plane and realize that your heart is racing!

Since I went on a company-sponsored offsite, our stay, food, guide arrangements were all taken care of by a vendor. So I will come straight to the point about the star attraction itself. The stunning transparent waters in various shades of blue and green that you would have seen on the web, are exactly what this place is really like. I couldn’t believe that some place on earth would be this ravishing, and Jiuzhaigou is! Being able to see how transparent the water really is, seeing the logs of old trees laid across the bed, the schools of tiny fish – you can’t really stop staring. It is all very very picturesque.

IMG_20141023_083204 IMG_20141023_083719 IMG_20141023_100358 IMG_20141023_100918IMG_20141023_103016 IMG_20141023_103226 IMG_20141023_103454 IMG_20141023_130705 IMG_20141023_130733 IMG_20141024_053044


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